E-liquid Calculator

If you mix the liquid for your vape or ecig yourself, this calculator will help you to calculate easily and quickly.

  1. Adjust the PG VG ratio of your base. (For example, if you want to mix a base with a ratio of 70PG / 30VG, then set the slider to 70. If you are already using a ready-made base, you can calculate how much base you need to pour in by simply adding the amount of PG and VG in the result)
  2. Enter how much liquid you want to mix
  3. Enter how much nicotine you want to mix into your e-juice. (The calculator calculates with the 20mg/ml nicotine/nicotine salt base, which you can also purchase from us.)
  4. Finally, enter the percentage of aroma you want to mix into your e-liquid. (Usually the recommended percentage is between 8-20%, depending on taste. If your base has a high VG content, it is better to increase the amount of aroma in your liquid.)
Calculator placeholder

If you would like to see some improvement in the calculator or if you think that something is not working properly, write to us!