How do I choose a coil? Types of coils, cartridges, pods and heating filaments

How should I choose a coil?

Our vape device can consist of many small parts, but the atomizer is perhaps one of the most important elements. This is because the atomizer is responsible for heating up the eliquid, thus converting it into vapor.


Why is it important to use a good atomizer?

A quality atomizer increases the life of the vape and ensures that the eliquid taste is perfectly reproduced with each vape.
That is why it is important to regularly change the atomizer in your device.
If you don't do this, the problem will manifest itself in flavor reproduction, vapor production, and a burnt taste.
Signs when to replace the atomizer:
  1. The taste of eliquid is not the same, it is weak, it has almost no taste: The eliquid should always be the same as when you used it for the first time.
    If the taste starts to get weaker, it is a sign that it is time to change the atomizer. But don't confuse it with taste blindness, when you inhale a certain flavor non-stop, because then your taste buds simply get used to that flavor, so you don't even perceive it anymore.

  2. You experience a burnt taste:
    If you already feel that you experience a burnt taste after puffs, you should replace the atomizer as soon as possible. This unpleasant taste can make you cough or even make you feel sick.

  3. Your device produces less vapor than usual:
    The vapor production will decrease as the atomizer ages. However, if you experience a significant amount of reduction, it is a sign that it is time to replace the atomizer.

    A burnt atomizer from the inside

How long is a coil good for?

This varies from case to case, but no atomizer lasts forever. Depending on usage, an atomizer should usually be replaced within 1-4 weeks.
Some people like to change the atomizer regularly, while others wait for the first signs that show that it is time to change the atomizer.
The lifetime of the atomizer depends on the device, the eliquid, and the use.

Types of atomizers:
  1. Vertical atomizer:
    This is the most common type of atomizer. This is a wire wrapped to form an atomizer and runs from the top to the bottom of the metal casing. The heating coil is wrapped around absorbent material, which means that air moves through the middle.

    Single wire atomizers from inside

  2. Double atomizer:
    The basics of the double atomizer are very similar to the vertical atomizer, but here there are 2 atomizer wires instead of 1, usually placed next to each other.
    The more wires, the more steam the device produces.

  3. Triple atomizer:
    This also has the same basis as the vertical atomizer and the double atomizer. There are already 3 wires here, so the heating surface is larger. This is already a sub-ohm atomizer, so it produces even more vapor by burning the eliquid faster.

  4. Multiple atomizer:
    This category includes atomizers with more than three wires, up to atomizers with eight wires. The more wire, the more surface area and steam. These atomizers are suitable for Direct Lung vape.

  5. Twist atomizer:
    This is made of several strands of wire, braided or wrapped around each other, then goes into the atomizer. With this atomizer, you can get great flavors back.

  6. Mesh atomizer:
    These look like a piece of mesh with small holes, however they are also made of wire. These atomizers can be more resistant than sub-ohm types and are perfect for sweet tastes.

  7. Mesh coil:
    This is a variation of the mesh nebulizer. These atomizers have larger holes, great flavor and a lot of vapor.

    Coil types according to the amount of heating filaments
Which type you choose depends entirely on your taste, which is why there are so many types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to try them out and find the one that suits you best, don't be afraid to experiment, that way you will find the best experience for you.
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