What is an e-liquid aroma?

What is aroma?


If you look at a webshop, you can see that there is a huge selection of different aromas. For this reason, the choice can be difficult, but in some webshops you can choose what flavor you like: fruity, tropical, tobacco, sweet, and many others.

This makes the decision a bit easier.

But what is aroma/concentrate and how should it be used?

Aroma is a component of e-liquid that is responsible for the taste of e-liquid, which can be natural, artificial or a mixture of these.

This concentrate is a completely safe ingredient for e-liquids, which is a thick, fragrant liquid that is not enough to vape on its own, so it needs to be diluted.

The aroma must be diluted with a base liquid/base, then it can be used, but it is worth aging for a few days to get the most intense flavor.

Those for whom taste is more important than vapor use a larger PG amount of base liquid or base. 

These basic liquids/bases are also available with a pre-mixed PG/VG ratio, so you only need to add the aroma and the e-liquid is ready, but with a nicotine booster can also be added if the desired result also contains nicotine.

Using aroma is the more economical and cheaper way to vape, which is why many people decide to make their own e-liquid instead of ready-made liquid.

If you are a beginner in mixing e-liquid, an e-liquid calculator can help you, which will tell you how much PG, VG, and aroma (possibly nicotine) is needed for for desired e-liquid.

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